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Majestec’s “invisible” security screens physically secure your home, unlike security alarm systems, while maintaining complete outward visibility, natural airflow, and architectural appeal.

The Majestec Difference

Meshtec Mesh

Meshtec Mesh

Genuine Meshtec stainless steel mesh is woven to a high-tensile strength, with each strand of wire individually tested to stringent international standards. While our screens may look like ordinary insect screens, our stainless steel mesh passes tough Knife Shear Testing and Dynamic Impact Testing to prove its superior strength. Majestec’s mesh and frames are powder coated with a patented special formula designed by Meshtec to ensure corrosion resistance and exceed standards for Salt Spray Testing. Our patented mesh also filters up to 60% of harmful UV rays without restricting views or air flow. Our mesh is powder coated to withstand 10,000 hours of accelerated weather testing, tried and tested to resist corrosion and degradation in any coastal environment.


Strong and Secure

Meshtec screens can stand up to wear and tear from the busiest of families, including scratch resistance for pets and the toughness to withstand repeated force and continual opening and closing. Our screens will also protect doors and windows from impact damage such as the kind inflicted by sports gear or storm debris.

Our doors have a multi-point locking feature that prevents the door from being pried open by a would-be intruder, unlike standard security doors that only lock in the center of the door.

Energy Saving

Our products will allow you to take advantage of natural ventilation rather than air conditioning, while still maintaining your peace-of-mind that your home or business is secure.

With our products, you have just as much security with your doors and windows open as you do when everything is closed and locked. Enjoy the breeze and fresh air day and night without compromising your safety.

custom made

Custom Made

Our screens are custom-made to-order to fit any door or window. We provide a wide range of types of doors and windows, including:

  • Swinging doors
  • Double French doors
  • Single, double and quad sliding patio doors
  • Bypass or stacking doors
  • Fire Escape window screens for bedrooms
  • Sliding window screens
  • Casement window screens


We offer nine standard colors as well as endless color customization to match or complement your existing color scheme. Whether you want minimalistic or extravagantly luxurious, our products allow your personal style and taste to shine through.

Aesthetic Appeal

Meshtec’s products won’t compromise your home design but will instead enhance its architectural appeal. Unlike traditional security bars and grills, our invisible security screens allow for an unobstructed view, while providing the best in personal property security.

Majestec Security Screen Doors

We offer a variety of security doors that fit into almost any doorway. Keep your home and family safe with our stainless steel mesh. We create custom built screen doors for a perfect fit in:

  • Sliding doors
  • French doors
  • Swinging doors
  • Bifold doors
  • Stacking doors

Sliding doors

We offer single, double, triple and quad security sliding doors for patios, balconies, and other wide openings. Our doors include new sliding tracks as well as our unique three-point locking system.
sliding doors

French doors

Our french doors open easily from each side and are secured together with our patented multi-point locking system. We can mount the door handles on either side to accommodate your specific needs.

Single entry doors

Our single entry doors feature high tensile stainless steel wire mesh secured by our patented aluminum frame locking system. Our innovative design system makes our doors incredibly strong.

Bifold system and stacking doors

Our bifold doors and stacking doors secure oversized openings that are common in outdoor living spaces. You can bring your indoor and outdoor living spaces together while maintaining your security and safety. You can both secure your entire opening or fold/stack your doors to open everything up for your parties and other functions.

Majestec Security Screen Windows

We offer a variety of security window screens to suit your space. Keep your home and family safe with our stainless steel mesh. We create custom built window screens for a perfect fit in:

  • Fixed windows
  • Casement windows
  • Fire escape windows

Fixed window screens

Our fixed window screens are incredibly versatile. We can fix them into your existing fly screen track or face-fitted onto the outside frame. During installation, we use internal specialty screws to mount the stationary panel, making it nearly impossible for a burglar to break into your home. 

We use marine-grade stainless steel wire mesh, which is the best product available on the market today. Our exclusive manufacturing process and wire mesh ensure that we provide products that resist corrosion, bubbling, fading while also increasing the security of your home. And we offer a 10 year warranty to back up our claims.

Casement window screens

Casement windows are a common feature of modern properties and offer excellent visibility and easy use. Perfect for outswing windows, our casement window screens install on the interior of your home and feature a specially designed multi-point locking system that provides a combination of ease and convenience with enhanced security. A single action engages or releases all locking points on your window.

Fire escape window screens

Our premium security windows provide clear vision, excellent ventilation, and upgraded security, even on fire escape windows. Our windows include a quick release bar for easy opening from inside your home. We can fit our quick escape windows into existing homes or new builds. Our expert installation teams can work in every environment.

Extreme Testing

Keep your home and family safe

Think Secure ™ - Think Majestec ™

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