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West 234th Street
Torrance, California

Customer: Matthew
Customer Location: West 234th Street
Neighborhood: Southeast Torrance
Date of Installation: 5/23/2019
Testimonial left on: Yelp


Update:   After having my front and back door screens installed I decided to do the whole house.  Last week we had the last screens installed and they look great.

Majestec Premium Security Screens just finished my door installs today.  I got the front and back door done.  Front door had a sidelight that I also had covered.  I must say I am very impressed and glad I waited for these doors… they look AMAZING.   They were custom made and moved the Majestec door handle up a bit higher so it wouldn’t interfere with our front door hardware.

Jeremy did a great job measuring everything, explaining how the doors work, how they are made and the possible options for the install.  The worst part was waiting for the doors after we placed our order.  The anticipation of getting a breeze through our house and being able to leave the doors open.  It didn’t help reading on Nextdoor how there were neighbors having their front doors kicked in when they weren’t home.  This made me really want to get these on quickly.  

These screens give me the peace of mind knowing my wife can open the door if someone knocks and not worry about someone rushing in.  You could get the same peace of mind with those iron security doors from Home Depot, but those start to look bad after a couple years.  These Majestec doors look clean.  

The install took about 4 hours for both doors.  There was some build up of the existing front door that Jeremy did to make everything fit flush.  It took three hours for the front door and sidelight, one hour for the back door.  Jeremy cleaned up when done and it looked like no one was even there.


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