Another Majestec Testimonial from Torrance, CA

Another Majestec Testimonial from Torrance, CA

Customer Review
Mesa Street
Torrance, California

Customer: N B
Customer Location: Mesa Street
Neighborhood: Riviera
Date of Installation: 5/23/2019
Testimonial left on: Yelp


Thrilled with service and product. I wanted to be able to open a downstairs’ patio door and window to have air flow and yet feel safe, even sleeping with them open, but I didn’t want ugly bars. After a lot of research, I went with Majestec’s screens.

Their service (returning calls, showing up to discuss, explanations of the product) was best from the two other companies I consulted. Price… they were the same as one and a tiny bit less than another.

There is a wait for the product to be manufactured, but well worth it to me. Installation was smooth and fast. Jason and his assistant were very courteous.

The product? Very nice – clean and simple looking. Locks seem as strong as as locks can get. I was afraid the screens would be too darkening, but truly, only if you’re right on top of it do you see a difference from a regular screen. A foot or two away, and you can’t tell the difference. The frames are a little larger than our windows, but aesthetically, still pleasing. I’ll take these little differences for safer windows over bars any day.


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