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Home Security - Torrance Crime Rate

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1 in 49 Chance

There is a 1 in 49 chance of becoming a victim of a property crime in Torrance per Neighborhood Scout¹.

CrimeGrade² gives Torrance a “C for Property Crimes. One fact that contributes to this is that one crime occurs every 2 hours 6 minutes (on average) in Torrance. Therefore, your home is 300% more likely to be broken into with no home security.

With a population of 141,364, Torrance is the 40th largest city in California and the 195th largest city in the United States³. Although Torrance may be considered one of the safer cities, Home Security is still a growing concern for many.

Security Screen Doors Torrance

34% Of Burglars Enter Through The Front Door

That’s no joke, thieves are brazen, and will try to walk right in as if they were an invited guest. Secure your home and keep them out!

Your family’s safety is as risk if you don’t have some type of home security.

Some of your neighbors already have a Majestec Security Door Screen. We have installed screens in Southeast Torrance, West Torrance, Old Town Torrance, Seaside, Northwest Torrance, and Madrona

Keeping Long Beach safer one screen at a time.

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Security Window Screens Torrance

Condo Security Screens Long Beach California

23% Of Burglars Enter Through A Window

A typical Torrance house about 1,200 sq ft, will have about 9 windows, 2 swinging doors, and 1 sliding door. As you can see, there is about 3 times the number of windows in a house.

Don’t give burglars an easy way to break in. Protect your windows with either fixed screens, fire escape screens, or casement window screens. 

Majestec has installed security screens in Northeast Torrance, Walteria, Southwood, Riviera, Southwood Sunray, and Marble Estates to mention a few.

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#1 Home Security Company in Torrance

1st Choice for Complete Home Protection

Majestec Premium Security Screens has been protecting families in Torrance since 2010.

Our complete security system works to keep intruders out of your home; therefore, we complement your home alarm system as well as your security cameras, and Ring Doorbell.

Our customers are our biggest advocates; just about, anyone who has a Majestec Security Screen has certainly showed their screens off to their family and friends. Why?

Their screens are more than just screens. Our marine-grade stainless steel mesh screens give people peace of mind.

When people search on Google for ‘Security Screens Torrance‘, we hope that they find Majestec Security Screens and that we give them a good education about home security.

E. Hanbury St. | 5-Star Customer Review from Long Beach's Finest!

What Torrance Customers are saying...



Neighborhood: Northeast Torrance
City: Torrance, CA
I have two security screens installed today. Jason did a great job on the installation of both doors. Each door was configured to have the same key to open the door. Jason was on time and very professional in his installation even to the smallest detail. Everything was clean when he left.


Neighborhood: Madrona
City: Torrance, CA
Majestec did a fantastic and professional job! We had two doors and a French door installed and we absolutely love them! We were kept informed of the status for manufacturing, shipping and receiving the custom doors, and installation was completed within a few hours. The design is simplistic, secure and exactly what we were looking for. The doors allow for maximum airflow, and don’t obstruct the view of your door from the outside when closed (almost like it’s not even there)! I recommend considering Majestec and the meshtec design if you’re looking to replace or install a new security door!


Neighborhood:Southeast Torrance
City: Torrance, CA
Update:   After having my front and back door screens installed I decided to do the whole house.  Last week we had the last screens installed and they look great. Majestec Premium Security Screens just finished my door installs today.  I got the front and back door done.  Front door had a sidelight that I also had covered.  I must say I am very impressed and glad I waited for these doors… they look AMAZING.   They were custom made and moved the Majestec door handle up a bit higher so it wouldn’t interfere with our front door hardware. Jeremy did a great job measuring everything, explaining how the doors work, how they are made and the possible options for the install.  The worst part was waiting for the doors after we placed our order.  The anticipation of getting a breeze through our house and being able to leave the doors open.  It didn’t help reading on Nextdoor how there were neighbors having their front doors kicked in when they weren’t home.  This made me really want to get these on quickly. These screens give me the peace of mind knowing my wife can open the door if someone knocks and not worry about someone rushing in.  You could get the same peace of mind with those iron security doors from Home Depot, but those start to look bad after a couple years.  These Majestec doors look clean. The install took about 4 hours for both doors.  There was some build up of the existing front door that Jeremy did to make everything fit flush.  It took three hours for the front door and sidelight, one hour for the back door.  Jeremy cleaned up when done and it looked like no one was even there.


Neighborhood: Los Altos
City: Long Beach, CA
Jeremy installed 2 screen doors for me today.  He is very meticulous and did an excellent job.  They look and work great.

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Torrance, CA 90505
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Majestec is Torrance's Security Screens premier provider!

If you’re ready to add the next level of security to your home, contact us. A member of our team can talk to you about your needs and find a home security solution that’s right for you. They can answer any questions to help you make the right decision for your home and your loved ones.

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