Sliding Security Doors

What are Sliding Security Doors?

Also known as Patio Security Doors, these are stainless steel security screens that are installed on the outside of your sliding glass doors that provide protection even when your glass slider is open.

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    Sliding Security Door SPECS


    Aluminum Frames: We use heavy-duty extruded aluminum to prevent rust on our frames, and then powder coat them to give them a beautiful finish that will compliment your home’s architecture. Our

    Stainless Steel Mesh: Meshtec Stainless Steel Mesh is the gold standard when it comes to security mesh. We use Meshtec’s 316-grade Stainless Steel Mesh because it is the highest grade stainless, which will not rust like lower grades of stainless steel. 316-grade stainless steel is commonly used near beach locations because it is considered marine-grade stainless steel.

    Stainless Steel Hinges: We used stainless steel hinges to prevent rusting. We use a large 4” hinge to improve the security aspects of your security doors.

    3-Point Locking System: This is one of the hidden secrete to what makes our sliding security doors so secure. One point of contact for locking is good, but three points of contact are better.


    Air-Flow: When a Patio Door is left open and the security screen is closed, it creates a great air-flow through your home when another adjacent window or door is open.

    Solar Shades: Blocks 60% of UV rays that hit the door, protecting fabrics and floors from fading as much without a security screen.

    Keeps Pests Out: Keep flies, mosquitos, and other critters out of your home.

    High Visibility: Security bars look like you are in prison, yet our screens are practically invisible, giving you a great view of the outdoors.

    Pet Proof: Cats can climb, and dogs can’t get through. Keep your pets inside and keep unwanted animals outside.


    On the low end, a single sliding security doors may cost about $1900 and quad sliding security doors may cost around $6700 for a standard height. These prices include installation and everything needed to complete the job. It all depends on the size of your patio doors and how many panels.

    Color Options









    Bronze Sahara






    White Sahara



    Sahara Grey



    Sahara Brown




    Desert Sand

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    Almond Sahara

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    Note: These colors are a representations of the colors offered, we will bring color samples to show you exactly what each look will look like.

    We can custom match any color you want, ask us about custom color match.

    SINGLE Sliding Security Doors

    A typical patio slider has two glass panels, one pane is fixed (passive door) and the other pane slides (active door). On a Single Sliding Security Door, only the active pane is covered by the security screen.

    A Single Sliding Security Door is primarily used when security is only an issue when the door is open. Although some who have pets that tear up insect screens opt for something that cats or dogs can’t tear.


    Single Security Door
    Single Security Screen Door
    Single Security Door
    Single Security Screen Door

    DOUBLE Sliding Security Doors

    A Double Sliding Security Door covers both the active glass sliding door, as well as the passive (fixed) glass door. Glass is glass, whether the glass panel is stationary or movable, therefore many of our customers want to protect the entire opening with Sliding Security Screens.

    Both sliding security screens will have their own lock, so when you need to clean the passive glass panel, you can simply unlock the panel covering the fixed glass panel and clean your patio slider.

    QUAD Sliding Security Doors

    Quad patio sliders is a way of letting the outside come in. Quad sliding security doors are placed on the outside of your glass panels, to provide protection and security to not only the fixed glass panels, but also to the active sliding doors.

    All four security screens move independent of each other, therefore even the stationary glass panels can be accessed simply in order to clean. Once all four panels are locked in place, your entire quad patio slider is fully secure.


    Quad Security Door
    Quad Slider Security Screen
    Quad Security Door
    Quad Slider Security Screen
    1. Broom Stick Wedge

    One of the easiest ways to improve the security of a sliding screen door is by cutting an old broom handle or any length of wood that can be set in the track behind the passive glass panel once the active glass panel is closed.

    Cut the broom handle just a little shorter than the space between the active door and the adjacent jamb. It may not be the best means of adding security, but it is definitely better than nothing at all.


    1. Alarms and Cameras

    Adding an alarm system to any opening of your home (doors and windows) is a good idea! For the local thugs, this is often a good enough deterrent, because burglars don't like when the alarms go off and inform all in the neighborhood that they are up to no good.

    Alarms and cameras don't keep robbers out, but at least the cameras will get video of the break-in.


    1. Sliding Security Doors

    Sliding Security Doors are in addition to your sliding glass doors, they are installed outside your slider providing not only protection to the glass panels, but when you have your slider open to let the breeze in, these sliding security screens made of stainless steel mesh will give your family the security you are looking for.

    These security screens don't look much different from the fly screens on your sliders, but there is a night and day difference between the two. This is an actual physical barrier, unlike other 'security' solutions, yet this security mesh is practically invisible, therefore your view is not ruined.

    Security doors are a secondary door that increases the security of your existing door. Security doors are designed with powder coated aluminum frames that are rust resistant, and fitted with a stainless steel security mesh that is stretched between the frame providing a nearly invisible physical barrier to keep the unwanted out. The benefits include, but are not limited to:


    • Heightened security
    • Increased peace of mind
    • Improved ventilation
    • Pet proof
    • Intruder Deterrent
    • Keeps Children Safe

    Ballistic Doors : Also known as bulletproof doors. Used where there is a potential for attach with guns.
    Blast Doors : Used to protect from explosions and flying debris. Found in military or government applications
    Fire-Rated Doors : 20 to 90-minute before combustion. Often found in commercial applications
    Hurricane Doors : Designed to withstand intense hurricane winds. Used on homes where high winds are common.
    Lead-Lined Doors : Used to protect against radiation. Found at government, military and healthcare facilities.
    Radiofrequency (RF) Shielding Doors : Protection for test data and sensitive information. Used at data centers and laboratories.
    Security Screen Doors : An affordable means of family protection. Used on front doors and other doors on your home.

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