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Very pleased with the installation of two sets of french door security screens at mom’s house. The bronze finish matches well with the house trim, and do not have the “jail bar” look of other security doors. Doors are custom measured and made so it’s a perfect fit! The door locks have a multi-locking mechanism, making it virtually jimmy-proof. Highly recommend this company if you are looking for an aesthetic, high security solution for french doors.

5 star reviews

Exceptional service and installation provided by Jed.


Randal Soto
5 star reviews

The tech, Roman was great! Informative, fast, neat. I love my new sliding screen door. I feel safe and secure.

Thank you Majestec.




5 star reviews

I just had 12 window screens and 3 doors screens installed by Majestec and am very pleased with the results. Roman measured and installed an arched window perfectly, the doors are solid and of high quality, and the screens are still subtle enough to not diminish from the view/light. I went back and forth whether to invest in something like this and now that it’s installed I’m very happy I did. You won’t regret it.


5 star reviews

I love my majestec screens! i feel so much safer with this line of defense on my home. in addition, they look sleek and blend into the style of the house. i also love the company. the people are wonderful, honest, informed and kind.

Working with Jason, Roman and Beth has been nothing but a pleasure. I highly recommend Majestec to every home owner! five plus stars!


5 star reviews

We recently had a small brake in when we were away on vacation. We decided we should get some security. We had some window screens and a front and back screen door.

They are of great quality and very secure. They also look great unlike the ones that we saw at other places. The install took place the next day after calling initially and they told us to give them a call if we needed anything or had any questions.

5 star service.


5 star reviews

Their window security screens are a really clever, ground breaking product from an honest company that goes above and beyond. I am very impressed by their customer service.

Our bathroom window not only looks good look but is also very secure. Highly recommended.


5 star reviews

People at Majestic were polite, easy to talk with and very helpful. Roman, who installed the product was very good.

Very satisfied with product.


5 star reviews

I had Majestec install a security screen door for my french doors and side panels off the back patio. The doors came out beautifully, and I was so pleased that after they were installed, I ordered another door for my front door.

That door was installed yesterday, and once again turned out great. The doors are of exceptional quality, and Jed did a great job both times with the install. I highly recommend Majestec’s products and service.

5 star reviews

While I normally do not write reviews for anything I purchase, I thought this one was well-deserved.

I had screens placed on my windows and sliding glass doors. Beth and Roman guided me through the process all the way. The prices are competitive, but it’s the customer service and follow through that made going with Majestec worth the time and expense. And both Beth and Roman take the time to make sure you are satisfied and the project is done right.

Not only do the screens looks amazing, they do exactly what I want – provide the added security I was looking for. It was the best decision I made when narrowing down the most effective and aesthetically pleasing options.

I would use Majestec again in the future, without reservation. I am joining a list of happy, satisfied, and safer customers. You will not be disappointed.



5 star reviews

Beautiful doors. Professional job & they cleaned up after installation. Roman was very professional and listened to any concerns or questions I had. I definitely recommend these doors.


5 star reviews

So pleased-I decided to replace my “prison style” security bars, saw Majestec on Yelp.

Amazing customer service and installation. From start to finish, dealing with this company was a pleasure. I ordered a security door and six windows-the door is not only secure it is beautiful in a special color, the window screens are invisible!

Not only do I feel more secure and have a beautiful look to my windows and door, the hassle free service made this home repair/upgrade a pleasant experience. Thank you Beth for helping me with my order and thank you Jed for your perfect installation!



5 star reviews

My screen door was installed 2 months ago and I love it. It is beautiful AND secure which is exactly what I was looking for.

The price is higher than one would expect but that is because what you have in your head as a “security” door is probably different than what they sell .

This door is nothing like the ones you see elsewhere and for me, it is worth every penny.

Jeremey was very flexible and knowledgeable during the estimate/site visit process and professional, efficient and detailed during the installation.

I will not consider any other option in the future and will upgrade my window screens once my budget allows it.


5 star reviews

Your screens are awesome best money can buy.

Jedd has to be the best installer I have ever seen a perfectionist for sure.

My dogs can’t hurt these screens super tough.


Robert Reagan

5 star reviews

As a husband, dad, and homeowner, protecting my family is very important to me.

We have an electronic security system on our home, but electronics can be defeated. But what about physical security?

Our next door neighbor knows that I am into home security, and he placed a brochure on our door. As I looked over the brochure, I immediately knew what I wanted.

No vertical bars making your home look like you are in jail; just looks like a bug screen that you might see on any window. But just try to break into our home; I dare you.

No, check that; I “triple dog” dare you. You are not going to get anywhere. But, if we need to get out in the event of an emergency, i.e. fire, we just simply press a bar, and out we go. Folks, believe you me, this is the real deal.


5 star reviews

Four security sliding door screens were expertly installed. Extremely happy with the service.

Jed was thorough and efficiently finished the job to my expectations.


Vic Sistos

5 star reviews

Jeremy is the best, good communication, always on time, knowledgeable, polite, and detail oriented.

He installed a French door style security screen and it looks awesome.

He showed up on time, did a great job, and finish on time.

Their product is not cheap but is the best security screen that you can ask for. When I need another job I’ll go back to them again

Thank you 


Hank M.
5 star reviews

This company has a great product! I am a father who feels much more secure with my new door installation.

This door is installed perfectly and looks absolutely gorgeous! Jeremy was my installer and I cannot say enough about how professional, articulate, and honest this young man is.

What a great employee to have on staff! Seriously, if you are in the market to update your security door with a super high quality product and the best quality service; then this is your company.

I am an extremely satisfied customer!


5 star reviews

Jeremy rocks! Fixed up my patio sliding door and gave me a discount.

There was another seller in my area who also sells security screens, but he missed my appointment date and couldn’t give me a discount. Jeremy did my door in 2 hours.

Looks great and secure. Now I can open my sliding door without worrying about someone breaking in! highly recommended for security screen doors!


Stephen C.
5 star reviews

Majestec Security Screens handled every aspect from Q&A before I purchased to on time and professional installation.

Beth was very patient and helpful with sales and Roman did a great job with installation… especially during this COVID crazy time.


5 star reviews

Customer support was great. Scheduling and installation was done by Roman and was prompt and professional.


5 star reviews

I have the most beautiful screens and front door screen. Thanks for your work and my peace of mind!! Let me add that the front office is very accommodating as well and quick to respond…..



5 star reviews

I found one of their YouTube videos highlighting their product when I was looking for a new security screen door. I called them and left a message. They called me back very quickly and made an appt.

They showed up right on time and brought a door to look at. The salesman was really knowledgable with the product. The doors are dog proof and very secure. Their product is freaking phenomenal. It provides better security than a ghetto gate.

The door looks great and the visibility/air flow through the screen is excellent. The. install went really fast and the job was done very well. I’m so impressed with the company I’ve been handing out their brochures to the neighbors.

If you are looking for a security screen door that looks like a regular screen door call these guys.


5 star reviews

We’ve had ours now for almost 3-1/2 years and love it! No worries about intruders or insects. It gets our HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.


5 star reviews

Thrilled with service and product. I wanted to be able to open a downstairs’ patio door and window to have air flow and yet feel safe, even sleeping with them open, but I didn’t want ugly bars. After a lot of research, I went with Majestec’s screens.

Their service (returning calls, showing up to discuss, explanations of the product) was best from the two other companies I consulted. Price… they were the same as one and a tiny bit less than another.

There is a wait for the product to be manufactured, but well worth it to me. Installation was smooth and fast. Jason and his assistant were very courteous.

The product? Very nice – clean and simple looking. Locks seem as strong as as locks can get. I was afraid the screens would be too darkening, but truly, only if you’re right on top of it do you see a difference from a regular screen.

A foot or two away, and you can’t tell the difference. The frames are a little larger than our windows, but aesthetically, still pleasing. I’ll take these little differences for safer windows over bars any day.


5 star reviews

Jeremy installed 2 screen doors for me today. He is very meticulous and did an excellent job. They look and work great.



5 star reviews

I really love my new screens……..and it has been so hot all summer it was a pleasure to have fresh air 24/7 without a worry. …… year I will do some more windows………..


5 star reviews

Just had a Majestec dual sliding security screen door (with the upgraded mesh) installed to secure a laundry room at an apartment building.

Very happy with the finished product: easy to lock/unlock, slides like butter, very secure. Surprised how easy it is to turn the key even with the 3 point locking system. Doesn’t require the latching handle like the doors.

The process went smooth even with C-19. Worked with Beth to schedule, and met Roman to obtain the quote and handle the install (2 hours).

They bolted the screen door into the concrete floor and the wood frame. Nice job and a 10-year warranty. Quality product that is worth the cost. Thank you Majestec


Richard J.
5 star reviews

I have two security screens installed today.

Jason did a great job on the installation of both doors. Each door was configured to have the same key to open the door.

Jason was on time and very professional in his installation even to the smallest detail. Everything was clean when he left.


5 star reviews

I would highly recommend Majestec Premium Security Screens.

We just had a security sliding screen and a security back door screen installed.

My initial contact was with Beth who answered all of my questions and arranged to have Roman come out and measure our doors and give us an estimate. The process took 6-weeks lead time and Beth called us when the doors were ready to install.

Roman showed up, as scheduled, and installed the 2-doors. My wife and I were impressed with the quality and look of the doors. A great looking product and professionally handled from start to finish.



5 star reviews

Doing business with this outstanding company has been a real treat.

I’m happy with the two doors and because of the quality, I’m ordering 4 sliders. They were punctual, gave a good bid, and the installation was flawless. These two doors solved problems for me.

I look forward to my next installation.


5 star reviews

After being burglarized, my husband and I were on a hunt on how to further secure our home. If you are looking get security screens installed, look no further than Majestec!!!

I did tons of research on products and price shopped around. I compared Majestec’s products and prices against 3 other companys’ prior to choosing them and they did not disappoint. They weren’t the cheapest, but definitely the best in terms of dollar per product delivered.

Beth was responsive each time I called. Julio was able to answer technical questions for me as I compared their products with other company’s products (when Jed was not available) and Jed, our installer, was superb – he is a true perfectionist and gets the job done to our ultimate satisfaction.

I simply cannot recommend Majestec enough. Thank you so much for making our home feel safe again.


5 star reviews

Our experience with Majestec has always been A+++

When our retail store moved to a new location, they were ready and wiling to set up a new screen for us as soon as we were ready for it.

Unfortunately, the glass on the door cracked shortly after the screen was installed.

Not only did they come right out and readjust the screen, they also paid for the replacement of the new glass!

They are extremely professional and their product is AMAZING!!!!!!


5 star reviews

Majestec provides an excellent product at an extremely competitive price.

The whole experience from the initial estimate to ordering then delivery and installation was seamless.

Overall, I am very satisfied with doing business with Majestec. I highly recommend them if your in the market for high security yet classy and elegant looking screen doors and windows at a reasonable price when compared to the competitors.



5 star reviews

I just had my majestec screens installed. I am thrilled!

From Beth at the office to the flawless installation by Roman and team, this was one of the best decisions I have made.

The amazing security offered by these screens can let me sleep at night.

The job site was left immaculate and they were accurate with the time frame to the screens measured, built, and installed.


5 star reviews

Found these professionals on youtube. I liked there product and the person they sent over to give me an estimate. I was given the estimate (which is not cheap in price or material) but decided to hire Majestec to do the job.

The same person (Jed) that give me the estimate was the same person to installed my cool looking strong as hell security screen doors.

Jed did a great job on both doors, he was very thorough and attentive. Everything worked great thanks to his attention to detail.

I highly recommend Majestec security screen doors, they may be pricey but there product and workmanship is above all others that I have worked with. Would recommend them to all.


5 star reviews

After having my front and back door screens installed I decided to do the whole house. Last week we had the last screens installed and they look great.



5 star reviews

Jed installed new security screens today on all 10 windows & 2 sliding doors…work was professionally done, cleaned up and we are very satisfied.

We recommend this company! All in one day as well-we were surprised. A lot of work for just one guy!


Cheryl R.
5 star reviews

his company has surpassed my expectations ..My security door was very custom with different than average dimensions.

Jed came, measured everything and told us what it would look like and how it function . He was super kind and explained the process. The security door came and were perfect.

Thank You,
Irena and Jerry 

5 star reviews

Jed installed new security screens today on all 10 windows & 2 sliding doors…work was professionally done, cleaned up and we are very satisfied.

We recommend this company! All in one day as well-we were surprised. A lot of work for just one guy!


5 star reviews