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Genuine Meshtec

When purchasing MESHTEC™ products you can be assured of consistent quality, high corrosion resistance and  a  comprehensive  10  year  product  warranty. A simple regular cleaning and maintenance program will ensure that the performance, appearance and functionality of MESHTEC™ products are preserved for many years to come.

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10yr Warranty

MESHTEC™ stainless steel mesh is highly corrosion resistant. However, all mesh types can act as a filter that trap airborne dust, dirt, and impurities causing visual defects to your doors and screens. In order to keep MESHTEC™ products looking and performing at their best correct maintenance and care is essential. Please follow the specific cleaning advice to ensure your MESHTEC™ product warranty is not voided.

Regularly clean your screens in accordance with environmental factors:

Environment Description Cleaning Interval
Mild Not close to the ocean, e.g. rural, remote from urban and industry. Every 2-3 months
Moderate Urban area, inland and away from industry. Every 1-2 Months
Extreme Within 6 miles of a coastline, being coastal/ marine and subject to salt deposition, or heavy industrial areas. Every 2-4 Weeks

Recommended Cleaning Method

  • To clean, wash down the mesh and frame using a soft cloth, suggested detergent and water, taking care to remove any excess moisture or water when done;
  • Avoid using any sharp objects or materials with your screens and doors to prevent visual defects;
  • External contaminants that come into contact with MESHTEC™ screens such as bird dropping are very acidic and can quickly burn and damage the powdercoat finish. These external contaminants must be cleaned immediately with a suggested mild detergent or MESHTEC™ Mesh Care Wash & Wax and soft mitt.
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