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Goldfield Avenue
Long Beach, California

Customer: Stacy
Location: Goldfield Avenue
Neighbor: Bixby Knolls
Date of Installation: 8/26/2017
Testimonial left on: Yelp

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Where should I start. All I can say is WOW! I first looked at all the videos Jason had on you tube. I was looking for security for my windows and doors. I had no idea they made such security screens. I first called their 800 number and spoke to a very polite man who helped me get information and prices. I made an appointment and JED came to my house to get precise measurements of my windows. They are a little pricey but when you see what advantages they give  you , it’s worth it. I got 11 windows with their security screens (first time I got 6 then later I got the last 5 done). I even did the bathroom window. Let me tell you, not only were they very professional but they made sure I was happy with the results. JED did an excellent job putting each window up and making sure it look good. He even caulked each window for the small gaps that was left between the window and window frame. It looked beautiful. Let me tell the advantages of these windows that sold me.
  1. The screens are metal, not your usual screen mesh that is easy to break through.
  2. The screens block out 60% of the sun’s rays and UV light. That means your house will be a lot cooler than without the security screens.
  3. If anything was thrown on your security screens, windows or doors, it will not do any damage because they have a high resistance to pressure. I can rest assure that nothing will break my windows from the outside.
  4. The screens give plenty of airflow when you leave the windows open. You can rest assure that no one will be able to break into your windows easily. I leave them open often to give fresh air and not worry about break ins.
  5. These screens you cannot see in during the day but from the inside, we can see very clearly outside. They are awesome.
  6. Last, they come with a 10-year warranty against rust for the screens. I truly believe they will last a lot longer than that.
I do not live in a bad neighborhood  but I have the added safety of knowing that I will be safe inside and can NOW have air flow in my house. I truly recommend these for all who value security, safety and a piece of mind.


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