Another Majestec Testimonial from Long Beach

Customer Review
East Hanbury Street
Long Beach, California

Customer: Taty
Customer Location: East Hanbury Street
Neighborhood: Old Lakewood City
Date of Installation: 9/30/2020
Testimonial left on: Yelp


I’m so late to leave this review, but these folks deserve every one of their stars. The security I feel with our doors is amazing. They’re also so beautiful and not like those tacky iron security doors. The view from inside is so transparent, it took a few days for my chihuahua to stop running into it (which was kind of funny to him and us). The only downside is waiting 6-8 weeks for your order to be custom made! But you get what you pay for and I’m grateful for every penny I spent on these. Expensive, yes. Worth it, 10000%.

I bought two sets of French doors, two regular doors and one custom window.


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