What are Majestec security screens?
Majestec Premium Security Door & Window Screens are a revolutionary new security screen that gives you complete security and still allows in the fresh air. Additionally, it keeps insects out, while not compromising your view or decor the way traditional security screen doors or window bars do.
How are Majestec screens different from traditional security screens?
Traditional security screens are made of steel, which will corrode quickly. They also utilize unsightly bars or grilles to ensure adequate strength. Their only point of locking is the handle and deadbolt latches; only in the center of the door. One-size-fits-all dimensions do not allow for proper bug seal. Majestec Premium Security Doors & Windows are made only of aluminum frame and high strength marine grade stainless steel mesh. They will not rust. Because of it’s strength, the mesh does not need added bars or grilles, preserving your unobstructed view. Multipoint locks prevent anyone from prying a corner of the door or window, and every security door and window is made to order ensuring a perfect fit.
Will Majestec security screens work on my door or window?
Nearly every door and window opening can be fitted with a Majestec security screen as each product is specially manufactured to fit each individual opening.
If there are no bars, how do the screens provide security?
Majestec Premium Security Doors & Windows may look like traditional insect screens, but they are made with high tensile marine grade stainless steel woven into a mesh that passes and/or exceeds rigorous knife shear and impact testing.

(Please see our video demonstrating the product testing on our home page.)

Does it protect against insects?
Majestec’s security mesh is tightly woven to keep out insects while allowing fresh air and breeze into your home.
Do the screens come in different colors?
Majestec Premium Security Doors & Windows come in 8 different colored frames to compliment any decor. The security mesh is black.
Can you see through the screens?
Majestec’s revolutionary security mesh provides phenomenal visibility outwards, while allowing a measure of privacy looking inward. It also blocks 60% of harmful UV rays.
Can my pet damage it the way they damage other screens?
Majestec’s marine grade stainless steel security mesh cannot be pushed out, torn, chewed or clawed through.
How do you get out in an emergency?
Our fire escape and casement windows include a quick release bar that allows you to open your screen easily to exit your home. The windows can be designed and fitted to open from the left, right, or bottom, to ensure that you and your family can exit your home rapidly in the case of an emergency without compromising your security.
How long does installation take?
In most cases, our experienced teams can install your Majestec premium security doors and windows in just one day. Our reliable teams treat your home with respect. After installing your new doors and windows, they clean up and leave no evidence of ever having been in your home.
Do you offer a product warranty?
Majestec premium security doors & windows come with a 10-year warranty. We use high purity, 316 marine-grade stainless steel security mesh, and aluminum framework, which means your Majestec product will never rust. Our premium mesh is screwed, clamped, and tensioned with our patented method. All of our fastening points are concealed. Our heavy-duty, German-made multipoint locking system also provides the best security on the market.
How should I take care of my Majestec security screens?
We recommend monthly cleaning to protect the quality of your Majestec premium security doors and windows. Routine maintenance also extends their lifespan and protects your investment in your home and security.

Each month you should wash down the mesh and frame with a soft cloth. Use mild soap or detergent mixed with water. Take care to wipe your screens and frames to remove any excess moisture.

While your screens are resistant to tears and scratches, you should avoid using any sharp objects or materials near your screens to avoid visual defects. Additionally, if your home is exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as the salt spray in a beachfront property or the pollution in an industrial area, you should clean your screens more often. In particularly harsh environments, we recommend weekly cleaning.