Southern California Energy Saving Tips Plus Home Security

If you live in Southern California, you might be wondering how to reduce your home’s energy use to save yourself a little money. Homeowners will often ask us how they can conserve energy, and protect the environment while keeping their homes secure and safe.

In this article, we offer you some of the most common ways that you can conserve energy. We also offer tips on the best window and door screen options to bring in airflow and conserve energy all while protecting your home. 

Easy Energy Saving Tips

The Basics: You don’t have to go out and spend a bunch of money on energy-saving products. The best place to start is with the basics right in your home. Day-to-day things like turning lights and appliances off when you aren’t using them is a good start. Consider saving energy by using appliances less like your hairdryer, dishwasher, or clothes dryer. Washing and drying are some pretty basic things that can be done without appliances. In addition, turning down the heat and air conditioner will give you huge deductions when you want to save energy and money.

New Light Bulbs: Old, outdated lightbulbs can consume a huge amount of your electricity and should be replaced with energy-efficient products in every room in your home. LED bulbs and CFL bulbs use much less electricity than traditional light bulbs. This is a no-brainer when it comes to conserving energy. Lightbulbs are a cost-effective way to lower your bills while spending very little money from the outset. While they may cost a tiny bit more on the shelf than regular bulbs, it will cost you less long term.

Energy Strips: When electronics are in standby mode but still plugged in, they waste a ton of energy. Something you may not know is that even when some electronics are powered off, they still consume power and cost you a ton of money on your electricity bill. A great way to ensure that this is not happening in your home is by using smart power strips. Smart power strips can be turned off at a designated time to eliminate the problem of phantom loads, saving you a lot of money in the end.

Energy Efficient Appliances: When you are buying new appliances for your home, make sure you find the ENERGY STAR label. The ENERGY STAR label is a federal guarantee that the items you are buying will consume less energy than regular models. Although these appliances may seem more expensive upfront, you will want to consider the annual operating cost and how much money they can save you when conserving energy.  Energy-efficient appliances are good for the environment and your bank account.

Energy Efficient Water Heater: You might be surprised that the hot water you use contributes to a major portion of energy consumption in your home. Purchasing an energy-efficient water heater will make a bigger difference in energy saving. If this is out of your budget, take the simple path, and use less hot water. This will need to be done by every family member in your home. You can also turn down the thermostat on the water heater you currently have or you can insulate your heater along with the first six feet of pipes. It’s a good idea to speak to a specialist in this area to get an idea of what is possible.

Energy-Efficient Windows:  Windows are a significant source of wasted energy. If you have not replaced your windows in a very long time, it’s more than likely that heat loss is happening through them. If you live in an old home with old windows, it’s definitely time to replace them. Single-pane windows should be replaced with double-pane products. Luckily if you’re in Southern California, it doesn’t get down to freezing temperatures for most of the year. Still, if you are using your heater, it could be an area where you can save some money long-term.

As mentioned, living in Southern California means you don’t have to worry about hard winter weather, but you do need to be concerned about the heat. Summertime can be unbearable. The heat coming in through windows is also a major problem, and nothing creates a higher power bill than air conditioning. ENERGY STAR windows can save you big time on your electricity bills by keeping the hot air out and the cool air in.

Window and Door Screens: During those hot summer months, having natural airflow in your house is not only healthy but can help you save money by using less air conditioning.

Security screens are a great alternative to regular screens when you want to keep your windows and doors open and not worry about being safe. Security screens are made from a stainless steel mesh that is difficult to penetrate. They are a great way to allow air in so that you can keep your air conditioner off.

They also help you feel secure in leaving your windows and doors open in the first place. 

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Conserving Energy

Maybe you have read this article and still can’t find a reason to conserve energy. There are so many benefits that come with energy conservation including, saving money, increasing your property value, and saving the environment. With just a few simple energy-saving tips, you will move closer to having an energy-conscious home.

Majestec Window and Door Security Screens

At Majestec, we provide state-of-the-art steel mesh screens for windows and doors. Airflow is important when it comes to conserving energy, but ensuring your home and loved ones are safe is even more critical. Our unobtrusive screens provide transparency by utilizing woven steel mesh that allows you to preserve your view and airflow along with keeping up the aesthetics of your home.

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