Alarm Systems To Protect Your Home And Family In LA County

If you are a resident in LA County and are in the market for an alarm system to protect your family and home, read on. 

At Majestec, we like to test the pros and cons of various home security alarm systems to see which offers the best protection for homeowners’ needs and budgets.

There are several security alarm systems on the market, and choosing the right one for your home can be daunting. In this article, we’ll cover four specific types of alarm systems as well as options in security screens for windows and doors. You will find information on:

  • Monitored Security Alarms and Self-Monitored Security Alarms
  • Wireless Security Alarms and Wired Security Alarms
  • Security Screens For Windows And Doors

Take note that many factors should come into play when deciding what is best for your home. Things like budget, size of home and property, and level of protection have to be considered. What is most important is that you and your family feel safe and secure.

Monitored And Self-Monitored Security Systems

There are two types of monitored system alarms available for homeowners. Monitored systems work by alerting a call center emergency team or first responders when they detect an entry or any other type of emergency. In contrast, a self-monitored system relies on alerts being sent directly to your mobile phone. Once you’re alerted, you can make your own decision on calling 911 or simply asking a friend or neighbor to check on your home. Both options can be set up with equipment that includes door sensors, motion detectors, cameras, glass-break sensors, and silent alarms.

Monitored Security Systems Pros:

  • If the security alarm goes off, you can count on security or police to show up and check your surroundings without having to make any contact yourself. 
  • When alarms are set off, they can be incredibly loud, scaring away anyone trying to break into your property and alerting neighbors that something is happening.
  • Monitored security systems can monitor your entire property and record video that the police can then use to identify burglars if necessary.

Monitored Security System Cons:

  • Monitored security systems will require a contract that includes a yearly or monthly fee.
  • If the system is accidentally triggered and the company dispatches security or police, you may be charged for a false alarm.
  • For the system to work correctly, you will always have to remember to engage the alarm at night and when you leave your home, or it will not be active.

Monitored Home Security Systems:

Self-Monitored Pros:

  • Self-monitored security systems are typically more affordable than those monitored by an outside company.
  • You get a real-time notification to your smartphone, which will allow you to determine whether security or police should come out or if you simply want to call a neighbor.
  • Self-monitored alarms and cameras can be installed by you, which will help save you money from having a company service person come out and do it for you. 

Self-Monitored Cons:

  • Self-monitored security systems need a Wi-Fi connection to work. It will not function in case there’s a power outage.
  • You may miss an intruder alert if you’re in an area with no mobile service.
  • It’s expensive to install multiple security cameras if you want to cover more areas of your home.

Self-Monitored Home Security Systems

Wired And Wireless Security Alarm Systems

A wired home security alarm is when the system is connected to an alarm panel somewhere inside your home. All elements, including motion detectors, are wired to this main control panel. A wireless security alarm system is just that. It does not involve wiring. It offers all the same components, but the equipment runs on batteries and is controlled by and from your smartphone.

Wired Security System Pros:

  • Wired systems are extremely reliable and favored by professionals for their reliability. 
  • Wired security systems can carry more sensors than wireless systems, making them ideal for larger homes.
  • They can be harder to hack by intruders than wireless systems.

Wired Security Cons:

  • Wired systems can be costly to install as they need to be done by professionals to ensure they are working correctly. This means more money you will spend to hire someone to come to your home.
  • Wired systems have one control panel location. If there are ever any issues, you will have to get to the wired panel to arm to disarm the alarm yourself.
  • If you move to another property location, you’ll need to have professionals out to uninstall and reinstall at your new house.

Wired Home Security Alarm Systems:

Wireless Security System Pros:

  • Easy to install and uninstall all on your own, which will save you money from having to hire professionals. 
  • Wireless security systems are also easy to upgrade. With no panels or wires to deal with, you can easily buy new equipment or upgrade security apps on your smartphone.
  • Wireless alarms are easy to control no matter where you are. You can control your security system by using mobile apps, remotes, or even key fobs. 

Wireless Security System Cons:

  • Wireless issues like being in an area with no service can often mean that you have no access to your home security system.
  • Wireless systems need to be constantly checked to ensure they are working and that they have not run out of power. You will find yourself replacing batteries frequently. 
  • Just like all technology, it can be prone to hacking.
Wireless Home Security Alarm Systems:

Physical Home Security Systems

Besides alarms and sensors, security screens on your windows and doors add an extra element to keep intruders away. Screens made with woven stainless steel mesh can make a big difference in whether a burglar can get into your windows or doors. Unlike alarm systems and cameras, they add an actual physical barrier between your home and unwanted intruders.

Stainless steel mesh is durable and resistant, making it the ideal material to provide invisible protection.

Home Security Door and Window Screens:

Majestec Premium Security Screens

If you live in LA County and want to know more about the products that can protect not only your property but the people you love, contact Majestec Premium Security Doors and Windows today.

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