Adding Home Security To Your Remodel

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A home remodel usually begins with an idea to make your home beautiful, bigger, and more valuable. The best types of remodels aren’t strictly about design but also about improving home security. With so many property owners falling victim to burglaries, adding home security is the best way to protect yourself, your family, and your precious belongings. 

Don’t wait until you have become a victim. If you are planning a remodel, strive to include home security products that can improve your home’s look and safety. 

This article will cover just a few of the products that should be included in your home remodel project. These products will make your home less susceptible to break-ins while not affecting the aesthetic design plans you have for your home.

Security Doors and Screens

The doors are the first place a burglar will attempt to get into your home. That’s why it makes sense to install a door that can withstand forced entries. The material you use for your doors should be taken into consideration. If you’re doing your own home renovation projects, you may want to consider a door that swings outward made of fiberglass. You can also add security hinges for extra protection. One important thing to keep in mind is that doors with windows are easier to break into, and installing a windowless door will be your most secure option.  

Installing a security screen also adds that extra bit of security your home needs. Premium security screens use mesh that is woven with hundreds of individual high-strength steel strands. When combined, these steel strands form an exponentially more durable mesh that stands up to the most stringent industry-standard testing procedures. Stainless steel woven mesh screens always exceed rigorous knife shear and impact testing. 

Window and Door Alarms

You already know how important it is to keep your windows and doors locked at all times. But even locks might not be enough when it comes to professional thieves getting into your home. Motion-detectors and small alarms can be easily installed on new windows and doors, during your remodel. Wireless security systems like ADT equipment can provide you with the extra peace of mind you need. Today’s alarm systems can also send information directly to your phone, alerting you when your alarm has been tripped.

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Don’t wait until you have become a victim. If you are planning a remodel, strive to include home security products that can improve your home’s look and safety.

Bars on Windows

While many people do not aesthetically want to add bars to their windows, it is still an option. Installing bars on the first floor and basement windows tell burglars that you are prepared and can be a great way to send a message to anyone who is contemplating your home as a target. It’s one of the oldest and efficient ways to keep your home safe. Are you worried about needing to get out quickly? Bars can be removed easily from the inside in case there is an emergency. 

Mail Slots

Professional burglars look for one thing when deciding to break into a home, and that is mail and newspapers piling up outside. Not only does this tell criminals that you are out of town, but it allows them to take your mail that might include important banking or financial information. A mail slot can be the best alternative to an outdoor mailbox and will allow you to get your mail delivered inside your home or garage, whether you are around or on vacation. No one will be easily tipped off either way. 

Home Surveillance Cameras

Security cameras are incredibly affordable nowadays and are a must to consider when remodeling your home. Most come with advanced wireless features and can be easily installed by a professional in one day. Today’s technology allows you to be alerted by smartphone if motion has been detected or anything unusual happens while you’re away. You also have the option of recording footage your camera captures. Recorded footage allows police to pick up important images in case your home does get robbed by burglars. 

Security For Your Garage Doors

While remodeling your home, don’t forget your garage door. Garage doors are a common weak spot and a frequent target of burglars. When installing a new garage door you’ll want to follow similar construction steps as you would with the other doors in your home. Material constructed of strong wood or metal is going to be your best option. Locks, dead bolts, security alarms, and cameras should also be installed just like they would anywhere else on your property. 


Something homeowners often forget about is how the landscape in their yard can keep thieves away inexpensively. A great landscape remodel can include plants and trees that grow in formidable size and can cover windows, making it difficult for anyone to see inside. Spend some time outside to get a good idea of how much a passerby can see into your home. If windows are curtainless or open, thieves can get an idea of what type of valuables you have in your home and whether or not it’s worth the risk to break in. Landscape can help camouflage how much or how little people can see in your home.

Majestec Security Doors and Windows

When it’s time to remodel your home in Southern California, and you need to add security products to your home, look no further than Majestec.

At Majestec Premium Security Screens, we know just how easy mistakes are made. That’s why we offer the highest quality security screen doors and windows to secure your home, all with an aesthetic appeal. We custom design all of our products using a stainless steel mesh to preserve your view, maintain your airflow and keep your home and family safe. 

We bring over ten years of experience in the home security industry to every project we work on. This means you get the leading home security screen company in all of Southern California.

Contact our team today and find out how we can help you secure your home.

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