Our clients in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange Counties have a lot of questions about window treatments and at Majestec Premium Security Screens, we like to keep our customers as informed as possible. We put together just a few of the common questions we get asked and have done our best to provide you with answers.

Which window treatment is best?

It’s hard to give suggestions when it comes to the idea of “best.” It all depends on what you are looking for in terms of privacy, design, and the type of windows you need to cover. There are four incredibly popular window treatments that people choose for their homes. 

Curtains: Curtains are a simple and relaxed way to cover and decorate your windows. They drop below your windowsill and are typically constructed from light fabrics. They hang from a rod attached to your wall and are enjoyed for their ability to move with a breeze.

Drapes: Drapes are similar to curtains but offer a more traditional, structured style of window treatment. Drapes are made from floor-length fabric panels. These panels also hang from a rod that is attached to your wall. Depending on the fabric you pick, you could also create a more upscale look.

Shades and Blinds: Shades and blinds are similar in that they are attached to a frame and have a cord that allows for raising the panels to let the sun in. Shades are often made of fabric while blinds come in various materials, including plastic, wood, vinyl, or bamboo. They are ideal for letting in and blocking out light. 

What about window treatments for sliding glass doors?

Blinds: The typical window coverings for sliding doors are vertical blinds. Because they flow from side to side, they are easier to deal with when you have a working sliding door. Blinds over a sliding door have a cord mechanism that allows you to slide them open, closed, or just enough to let some light in. Blinds are extremely durable and can withstand direct sunlight and heat. They give a modern look, making them great for most design aesthetics.

Shutters: Shutters are a classic way to cover your sliding glass door. There are some great benefits to installing shutters, including privacy, lighting, and ventilation. Shutters in different sizes are typically made from real or composite wood. Like blinds, they are constructed to last, which is the kind of product you need in a busy doorway. They come in a variety of styles and made to fit any door size.

Drapes: Are an excellent way to add an element of home design to your sliding glass door. Not just practical but fashionable. Drapes can be pulled back to the side using hardware and come in almost any color and print you desire. Drapes are ideal for energy-saving insulation and protection from the sun. You can even consider adding drapes over blinds.

What window treatments are popular now?

As you might have thought, the most popular window treatments right now have to do with technology. Motorized window treatments allow homeowners to open and close their blinds and shades while never having to leave the sofa. So convenient! Rolling shades are a great way to go and come in a variety of materials like bamboo or naturally woven fibers.

What window treatments look best from outside?

Curb appeal is important, especially if you plan to sell your house. People want to know what makes a good impression when it comes to installing window treatments. Shutters always pop from the outside and can complement any style home. In a variety of looks and natural colors, shutters create a bright and modern appeal to your windows.

Window treatments are a fixture in the sale and therefore will convey value to the buyer.

This month we are talking about window treatments (blinds, curtains, screens, panels – basically anything that can be put on, or over windows on the outside or inside), and we wanted to hear about this from experts working in different aspects of the field.

Since many are considering taking advantage of the market these days and selling and moving away, getting an upgrade or finally buying their first home!  We wanted to talk with an experienced, local realtor Roger Jarnigan about this to see what you can do in your home before you sell it or what you should look for in a home you want to buy.

Let’s hear what he has to say:

Roger Jarnigan

Real Estate Agent





Shutters on every window gives a nice streamlined look to your home. If you have mismatched window treatments of all different shades and styles, it might look unsightly. Shutters can also be custom made to fit any window in your home.

What Are Security Window Screens?

Security window screens provide home security while allowing you to keep your view and aesthetic design.

At Majestec, our security window screens are put through stringent safety tests to ensure they stand up against attempted break-ins. These screens are incredibly durable and do well against the elements without compromising your view.  

When you install security screens, you don’t have to worry about putting up unsightly bars or grates. Security window screens are available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. This means you never have to compromise the design and look of your home to keep your family safe and protected.

Our extensive range of security windows includes stainless steel marine-grade mesh that has passed four stringent industry-standard security tests. 

What Are The Benefits Of Fixed and Casement Window Screens?

Fixed window screens are also one of the best options when you want security to help prevent a burglar from breaking  into your home. Fixed screens are installed in your existing fly screen track or face-fitted onto the outside frame. These screens are made from marine-grade stainless steel wire mesh, making them durable and resistant against corrosion, bubbling, and fading. 

Fixed screens are made from mesh that blocks out 60% of harmful UV rays and can reduce air conditioning use because of the incredible airflow they allow into your home. They come in eleven different frame colors, making them a great screen choice for a new or existing home.

Casement window screens are often installed on modern properties. Like the fixed screen, they are an ideal way to ensure security while keeping your aesthetic in place. What’s unique about casement windows is that they are designed with a multi-point locking system that makes them secure and easy to operate. With just one touch, you can engage or release all locking points on your window.

Casement screens are similar to fixed screens in protection, airflow, and color options.

Window Treatments And Security From Majestec Security Screens

We want you to have the very best security window treatments to protect your home and family. We offer the highest quality security screen doors and windows to secure your home, all with an aesthetic appeal.  We can custom design all of our window treatment products to preserve your view, maintain your airflow, and keep your home and family safe. 

We offer a wide selection of window treatment screens. Please take a look through our site to see all the products we have to offer.

 Contact our team today and find out how we can help secure your home.