We hear from so many Southern California homeowners who are heartbroken because their family home has been burglarized. Customers often contact us AFTER their property has already been broken into. It’s a common yet unfortunate scenario.  Homeowners feel exposed and vulnerable and wonder why they were targeted and ask questions about what they might’ve done wrong.

It’s a tough situation knowing a stranger has been in your home.

You feel violated and fearful. It’s important to seek out all available home security products to defend against this kind of home invasion and to give yourself and your family some comfort knowing you have the very best in home security for protection.

When people ask us about home security and where they should invest their money to protect their home, our answer is always security screen doors. Contrary to popular belief, the window is not the first place a burglar tries to enter a commercial or residential property. Thieves will always try the door first. If you want to know why we believe you should invest your hard-earned money on home security screen doors, continue to read on.

34% of burglars enter through the front door. While 22% break-in through the back door.

The Benefits of Security Screen Doors

  1. The most important and obvious reason and benefit to installing security screen doors are to add protection and security to your home. While privacy and security are essential, it’s also a great investment that will add extra value to your property. Security screens from Majestec are made from a tough nearly impenetrable stainless steel mesh. They’re very resilient, sturdy, and provide you with just the added protection you need to enjoy being in and away from your home.
  2. Adding a security screen door can add a sense of style to the design of your home. You can choose from various colors to complement the rest of your home or just to add a new fresh look without doing anything drastic. Security screen doors make you feel protected and safe while making your home look more aesthetically pleasing.
  1. A security screen door can be an excellent barrier to keep away mosquitoes, insects, and other pests. During windy seasons, you can enjoy the fresh air without worrying about insects or trash from entering your home.
  2. It’s always a bonus to have extra locks on your front door. Majestec screen doors come with a GU heavy duty three-point locking system. Our unique three-point locks are incredibly strong and provide your front door with durable security.

Installing Security Hinges And Frames Are Also Safeguards

Security screen doors are the most durable entry-way protection you can buy, but it’s important to keep in mind that any door is only as strong as the door frame that holds them.

When our installation specialists come to your home, they will carefully assess your current door frame situation. We’ll then recommend repairs or reinforcing to ensure that your door frame is in the best condition possible before adding your new security screen. 

Hinges also play a big role in preventing a break-in, as many thieves will attempt to remove entire doors to get in. Strong security hinges make it incredibly difficult for burglars to remove in a timely manner.

Majestec security screens use heavy duty non-removable pin hinges as often seen on commercial building doors, but can also be used on residential units. You cannot remove or pop out the hinge pin to remove the door. A burglar would need to cut the barrel off of the hinge which would take way too long and too much work.

Majestec Security Screen Doors

Stainless Steel Mesh – Our security screen doors are made from a stainless steel mesh that has passed four industry-standard safety tests. Our screens are durable, corrosion-resistant, and most importantly, nearly impenetrable. 

Design and Fit – Security screen doors can make a great first impression. Majestec screens can be custom fit and come in a wide variety of colors, adding style and value to your property. Our screens are designed to allow you to create a beautiful yet secure look for your home.

Ventilation – All of our custom-fit screens provide excellent natural airflow. Natural airflow is not only a great ventilation tool that can keep the cost of air conditioning down but is ideal for optimal health. Southern California is known for its incredible warm summers, making these security screen doors ideal for allowing the cool air in and burglars out.

Types of Security Screen Doors

At Majestec, we can create custom-fit security screen doors for a variety of door styles, including:

  • Sliding Doors – We offer single, double, triple, and quad sliding doors. They are ideal for patios, balconies, or any other wide opening that you need secure and safe.
  • French Doors – We can mount door handles on either side of your french doors to accommodate your needs. They open easily from each side and are secured together with our multi-point locking system.
  • Single Entry Doors – Our single entry door screens provide excellent visibility when looking out from the inside. They feature high tensile stainless steel mesh and secured by our aluminum frame locking system.
  • Bifold System and Stacking Doors – Our screens secure these oversized openings. They secure the entire opening or fold/stack your doors to open everything up for functions. 

Majestec Security Screen Doors Support And Installation

With over ten years of experience, we are the premier provider for home security in the Southern California area. We provide friendly, trustworthy installation services and products. When we come to your home, our experienced techs show up and do their job quickly and efficiently. We also provide cleanup so that your house is left in the same condition as when we arrived. 

Find out more about our products and installation services by contacting Majestec today!