According to a recent report, a home burglary happens every 26 seconds in the United States. This news should have homeowners everywhere, taking the best precautions possible to ensure their home and family are safe. 

In this article, we are going to share with you the biggest mistakes to avoid if you are a homeowner and then offer you some advice on how you can ensure, you, your family, and your home are completely protected.

Where Do You Hide The Spare Key?

We hope the answer to this question is not outside. Hiding a spare key outside is a common practice, especially for big families, coming and going. Professional burglars know precisely where to look. The mailbox, under a potted plant, or the front door mat are the most common places people hide keys. They are also the first places burglars will look.

Consider a key-less entry or something like a lockbox instead.

Letting Everyone Know You Are On Vacation

How does everyone in the neighborhood, including burglars, know you are on vacation? Newspapers and mail piling up is an obvious message that says no one is home, and no one has been home for some time. 

Before you head of town, make sure you put a hold on newspaper delivery, online orders, and mail service so that they don’t pile up and cause a scene. Newspaper organizations and the United States Postal Service offer online convenience so you can put a hold on delivery, easily.

Open Windows

As the weather warms up, it’s nice to open windows and let in some fresh air to cool down the house. Opening windows is an excellent alternative to a fan or a constant running air conditioner.  But as the temperature gets higher and higher, so do the number of burglaries. In fact, summer-time in general, no matter what the weather condition, sees a significant rise in home break-ins and burglaries.

The biggest problem with opening windows is that they are often left open at night or when no one is home. This gives burglars easy access to break-in.  After the front door, the next best entry point for a burglar to get into your home is through a window on the first floor. This is a good thing to remember.

Instead of having to always close your windows and doors, especially on those hot days, you always have the option to purchase high-quality security screens that can be custom made to fit any door or window.  With a high end security screen installed you can keep the airflow and light, without sacrificing your safety.

About 30% of all burglaries are classified as “unlawful entry,” meaning the burglar was able to gain entry without using force – often through an unlocked door or window.

Displaying Valuables

Of course, you want the outside of your property to look beautiful, but displaying expensive items in your windows is a big mistake. By displaying valuables, burglars get an idea into the kind of things you have inside your home, making it more tempting to break-in.

Consider other things you can do to make the front of your home appealing. A fresh coat of paint and landscape design are just a couple of great alternatives.

Another option is to install high end security screens for your doors and windows  Depending on the lighting conditions they could minimize how much can be seen through the screens from outside, while still letting you look out clearly from out from inside.  They also look much prettier than big bars over your windows. 

Did You Leave The Garage Door Open?

Believe it or not, burglaries often happen because homeowners forget to lock their garage or close their doors completely. This can happen if you are loading groceries or other items out of the car.  It is easy to get distracted. Create a simple reminder, like a note on the door, so you won’t forget to close and lock your garage. Remembering to do this is critical to your home safety.

I see that windows aren’t always secure and people will leave them open, especially when it’s hot outside. Burglars will look for open windows.

Featured Business Owner: We had the pleasure of speaking with Niels-Ole Staehr, Owner of Millennium Alarm Systems Inc. Since 1993 they have offered high-end security products and services designed for protection and fast emergency responses. From small businesses to larger industrial applications, single-family homes to larger estates or apartment complexes. When talking with him we could really feel his passion for providing high end services when he says: “We believe in security and stand behind our product 100%. I love what I do! And have built this company around that motto: Service, service, service!”

Niels-Ole Staehr

Owner of Millennium Alarm Systems Inc




Being A Homeowner

Owning a home can be incredibly stressful. It comes with so many financial and personal challenges. With so much to handle and think about, the last thing on your mind may be home security. But to take full advantage of all the hard work and money you have put into owning your own home, you will want to make sure that it is secure and safe so that you and your family can enjoy it fully.

By avoiding these few mistakes, you will be able to protect the place and people you love from outside threats and take full advantage of the home you now own.

I always recommend having something that makes noise when you walk on it, like gravel. That way if someone comes close to your windows or side of the house, you have a better chance of hearing them.

Mike Garcia Enviroscapela Interview Majestec

Mike Garcia

Founder of Enviroscape LA Landscaping




Featured Business Owner: We spoke with Mike Garcia, who has over 40 years experience as a Landscape Design Contractor, Certified Pond Builder, and Sustainability Specialist and founder of Enviroscape LA Landscaping.
They offer complete & sustainable native garden landscaping design, installation, and maintenance for residential and commercial property in and around Los Angeles county

What If You’re A Renter?

Did you know that renters are burglarized more than homeowners? The statistics aren’t clear, but it has been a trend for decades all over the United States. There are several possibilities, including renters not caring the same way homeowners do or even landlords not taking precautions with security measures on the properties they are renting.

If you are a renter or a landlord, it is critical to add extra security to windows and doors to keep everyone and every place safe.

Good Intentions

What else can you do besides adding home security? You may have good intentions, but with busy lives, you and your family are sure to make mistakes, and professional burglars know this.

Consider having weekly family meetings to ensure everyone is taking proper precautions when entering and exiting the house. Get involved with your local neighborhood watch and create a plan with your neighbors. It is easy to make common mistakes, but if you have each other’s backs, nothing will slip through the cracks.

So what added extra measure can you still take? That’s where we step in to help.

How Majestec Can Help

At Majestec Premium Security Screen Doors & Windows, we know just how easy mistakes are made. That is why we offer the highest quality security screen doors and windows to secure your home, all with an aesthetic appeal.  We custom design all of our products using a stainless steel mesh to preserve your view, maintain your airflow, and keep your home and family safe. 

We bring over ten years of experience in the home security industry to every project we work on. This means you get the leading home security screen company in all of Southern California.

Contact our team today and find out how we can help you secure your home. 

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